Server V.I.P

Tired of playing as a usual player ? Here we have something for you which will help you have a boost in-game. There are a big list of new and better commands to help you out while fighting on streets, which will help you go deadly with some extra ordinary features. Your donation will be used to improve the server and features. We have 2 different V.I.P. Pack currently. Some features of being V.I.P. is that Players get Double.Ammo than normal players, can have there own skin in any team, Have Deadly Spas-12(Combat Shotgun) instead of Normal shotgun to have a fight on streets.You will be more BOLD while fighting, a fearless fighting machine with camouflage and infinite ammo to fill the streets with river of blood.

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Special Features

VIPS get access to tons of special features in game such as discounts on shop items, full armour, double weapon ammunation, Custom toys Catalog. VIPS can also bypass the Armoured Car Score Limit. and much more.

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VIP Menu

VIPS also get access to vip menu which allows them to use exclusive options such as spawn a car, repair your car toggle VIP tag, chnage your chat color, Change your fighting style and much more.

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Cluck'n Bell

VIPS can select Cluck'n Bell team. Which comes with powerfull spawn weapons with much more ammunation, Full Spawn Armour, and special base, and Super Team Vehicles.

Feature List

  • Full Armour.
  • Join Cluck'n Bell Team.
  • /vmenu Access.
  • No Kick on being AFK.
  • Change/Save Skin.
  • Buy Grenades/Molotovs.
  • Discount of various shop items.
  • Special toys Catalog
  • Repair Vehicle.
  • Spawn VIP Car.
  • Add Nitrous to vehicle.
  • Buy Infinite Ammo.
  • Change Chat Color.
  • Double Spawn Ammo.
  • Camouflage(Hide Name Tag).
  • V.I.P chat.
  • Change fighting Style.
  • Bypass Armoured Car Score Limit.
  • "VIP" Lable I.G.
  • Forum VIP Badge.
  • and more..

Lifetime Package Bonus:

  • Buy Lifetime/Permanent V.I.P and get 5,000 Credits for free.

Terms and Conditions

  • If you end up getting banned from the server, your donation will not be refunded.
  • If you are donating with your someone else’s credit card or account, you must have their permission before donating.
  • Donations will not be refunded under any circumstances. 
  • Players who file an "unauthorized payment" , create a dispute/Claim or cancel the payment .Will be banned for an undetermined amount of time.
  • Donations are used directly for the server and hosted listing payments, not for personal use.
  • Financial statements / Information about current server costs etc.. will not be made public.
  • VIP Rank is not transferable.

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Instant Activation!

No Credit Card or Paypal?

After your payment is received (paypal) your vip would be activated within 1-2 Minutes. If there is a problem with your donation or vip please contact us here or Post here
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