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[UC] | The U.C. Family | UPDATES & ACTIVITY

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Welcome to the general page of the United Crime Family. UC (United Crime Family) Clan is created at January 21 2019. This clan is focused on hospitality and a good reputation. We are looking for talented members who add more value to the clan. The owners of the clan come from the Netherlands and Indonesia. They both speak English, just like the rest of the clan. If you would like to enter this clan, you can, of course, apply. If you need help, or do you have questions> Then you can always ask one of our members. As for this Page, here are the information and updates of the clan. This is regularly updated.




  • ((29-02-2019) [UC]Lexus  [Reason: School / Busy]
  • ((15-03-2019) [UC]_Habib_[CE] 



  • (25-03-2019) [UC]Training. has left the clan.
  • (28-02-2019) [UC]Starvla kicked   [UC]Woenzelaar  from the clan.
  • (16-02-2019) [UC]ultrainstict  has left the clan.
  • (14-02-2019) [UC]DarioB   has left the clan.
  • (14-02-2019) [UC]_Habib_[CE] kicked   [UC]Nahuel   from the clan.
  • (26-01-2019) [UC]_Habib_[CE] kicked   [UC]Slayer   from the clan.
  • (28-01-2019) [UC]_Habib_[CE] kicked   [UC]Deaglezz   from the clan.




  • (23-02-2019) [UC]_Habib_[CE]    invited   Aeon_34[CE] - Accepted
  • (19-02-2019) [UC]Starvla    invited   MadGodz1lla[nL] - Accepted
  • (21-01-2019) [UC]_Habib_[CE]    invited   Lexus - Accepted




-Developed by Habib

-Updated by Starvla

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