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Jack Dunne

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  1. https://imgur.com/a/roNkv84
  2. What is your IG Name: Jack_Dunne How old are you: 16 Do you have multiple accounts: No Mention your country: Brazil What is your native language: Portuguese What does UC stand for: United Crime Family Who is UC's Founder: [UC]Habiba From which country does Habib come from: Netherlands Who is UC's Leader: [UC]Woenzelaar Name a few UC members: [UC]Nahuel, [UC]Lexus Name at least 3 Server admins: [BR]TitAnus, [GBP]Rockit, Starvla What is your gender? [Male/Female]: Alpha Male How long have you been playing SAMP: 6-7 years Since when do you play in LSSW: I've found the server 1 year Why do you want to join the clan: Because I want to rule this server, and some support can come in handy xD Why should we accept you [50 words]: Because I can make the difference. I play this game for a long time, and I have a lot of skills with weapons, vehicles, the mechanics of the game... I'm pretty sure I can add a lot to the clan. And i'm loyal. I intend to stay in the clan for a long time. Explain in your words our 4 clan rules: We should respect the players and the other clans | Obey server rules | Report to Leader if any member has innapropriate behavior | Stay away from racism and insults related jokes Where are you from: Brazil What's your daily activity: Sometimes I can play 21 hours a week, sometimes 5. It depends a lot on my personal life. But i do not usually stay long without playing Do u use C-Bug: Yes, a lot. Have you been banned in the past [If yes, for what?]: Yes. Aimbot, Cbug and Silent. But nobody proved anything. Post a screenshot of your game stats: https://imgur.com/mtiwCC3 Post a screenshot of your strict warns(/mywarns): https://imgur.com/TW5LS7d Do you have headphones and mic and if yes, are you willing to talk with other clan members?: No, but i'm working on it. You must duel one of our duel testers when they ask for it. Do you agree to do so: Yes, of course. If u has been accepted, what will be your name?: [UC]Dunne Rate yourself: Deagle: 8/10 Combat shotgun: 8/10 M4: 8/10 Sniper: 8/10 cBug: 9/10 English: 7/10 ------------------------------------------ Everything I have filled in has been carried out truthfully. [Yes/No] : Yes