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  1. i seen you already
  2. i'm on it ser, thanks for reminder and telling what i need to do, have a nice day
  3. sorry, if i'm not online today! i been play 22hrs in los santos then my pc was overhit i hope tommorow my pc, will fixed i called an computerfixer
  4. it's a pleasure to vote. -1 for me, they are able to abuse that command.
  5. ye my ratio is improving its turn into 1.19 and moreee
  6. But Rifle is unfamiliar weapon for us? and also we use sniper?, a rifle isnt belong to our rating weapons, i only seen was Sniper but if you feel that im not fit in BR i will accept that negative vote , thanks for voting
  7. Since someone comment that I spammed him , I dont talk to people if they are not talking to me, and ofcourse I spent time in game playing 5hrs in morning 3hrs in evening and raising my ratio whats wrong with me right now
  8. thanks idol
  9. yes, but i'm always play 5hrs - 8hrs practicing more to reach everyone skills, and i think its not all about skill, it also loyalty i always giving my best if some few of Black Revenge 's duel me even my finger is really hurt.
  10. i'd not spam you, sorry if you feel that im spaming you, im jusy tryna' to become a friendly person please, accept my apologize
  11. thanks DAmageDZ i spent 8hrs playing los santos, i dont getting tired i really loves it
  12. Thanks for voting whatever is it?, I think I need to introduce my self
  13. meet me ingame brother
  14. Dear Dany, i hope you remember me ? I saw you ingame few days ago
  15. Guys, i always see you also your powerful skills i hope someone saw my name Synico George and i would change into BR Okra once i passed the testing duel