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  1. Hhehehe well nice u needed to put me in that vid hehe --.-
  2. Well wait for barney to allow u to make it ... gl broh
  3. Well hmm its good for me when iam on this laggie laptop but still +1
  4. Haha Xd well cant do anything on this stupid mobile
  5. Well i said i dont think it is a good idea already when i stared this topic
  6. sfr

    I will say we have the familiar sniper aim tbh skills are nice to keep it up nice video
  7. Well I don't know if this is a good idea but here well I would like when u like hit a player and if he has armour u shoot at him and the armour pops off on ur head it's like same for the health I really don't know if this a good idea but it counts as a try
  8. well I wouldn't like this because of flaming and acting all though and acting like he's the manager I would rather stick with leaders and bosses for:GPB,BR,UC -1
  9. Well in my opinion its -1 bcs it's easy for kills score maybe sometimes for good amount of ratio but sometimes
  10. New Name On Forum NarutoX
  11. Well Today is the day iam 16 today is my birthday i wish this finishes fast love u all <3
  12. Thanks much love
  13. Thanks bro much loveee
  14. Thanks bro much love
  15. thanks bro much love