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  1. Well.. It's not about c-buggers or non c-buggers. I have an alternative suggestion for everyone. Create a new area /onede, which means "1 desert eagle": - the area is located inside LVPD departament in Las Venturas, - they're 10-15 random spawns, - the c-bug is blocked, - the only gun is desert eagle with a lot of ammo, - because it's a one shot area, the health is only 20%.
  2. Ha. You the boss? Of course No. -1
  3. Are you crazy? Hell No. -1
  4. It's not about staying all the time on the roof. It's just a SIMPLE WAY to take down other gang members, who are landing on that roof with helicopters. For example: GS doesn't have this problem because they have small houses and landing on them with a helicopter doesn't make any sense at all. On Varios's base its different because if you want to climb the roof you must first - climb the damn wall, second - climb the small part of the building and only then you can freely go upstairs to the top, which sucks. If you really have troubles with adding a few lines into the GM you can just add another stairs lower or just one long.
  5. Useless? Somebody wrote above that players would be camping all the time X.x I'm in Aztekas for a while and I am 100% sure that there will be players who will use it. Btw. the Aztekas base isn't attacked too often.
  6. So i will a little bit modify my suggestion: Instead of two teleports there will be just one. And he will be located INSIDE the base (in the bathroom). The stairs can stay anyway.
  7. Describe the bug: Just look at the screenshots down below. How can we reproduce it?: Fixing the plane spawns. Additional information: https://imgur.com/a/fW2SfHG ps: Can I get a reput?
  8. Police can go upstairs and nobody have problem with that.
  9. Hi guys! I'm Simon and I'm a Vario gang member I have a suggestion for the administration. It's all about the base at Unity Station. I will explain that by using my screenshots. So my suggestion is to delete these stairs to the roof: https://i.imgur.com/wgzkUND.jpg And replace them with a pickup (green arrow), where after entering it, we get on the top: https://i.imgur.com/u58QtMw.jpg and vice versa https://i.imgur.com/OZ6xh7K.jpg Model number: 19134 Model name: ArrowType5 For what purpose? To make it easier to climb up. Of course for varios. Enemy gangs unfortunately must use helicopters.