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  1. Agreed.
  2. +1.
  3. Good job my man
  4. Oof
  5. I wish they would listen lol
  6. -1 maybe admins need to be more damn active and we wouldn't have the worth of using this system. I understand that people have school and stuff, but it's ridiculous how many admins lack mostly in the mornings and afternoons (in America). But what Barney said was true.
  7. -1 don't like this idea and there is no reason for it unless people actually listen (which most people don't)
  8. I have a question, if I'm a normal user and not in BR, am I still allowed to vote?
  9. Welcome and enjoy your stay! Hope to see you in game.
  10. -1 I pretty much agree with what he said. It's not that hard to run and hide and makes it a bit more fair for non c buggers.
  11. Oof bro gl
  12. Literally banned for no reason after playing for 3 hrs and having so much fun. Im really mad so please take this into consideration. I apologise if this is unnecessary but I'm getting no help at all from this situation. https://ls-sw.net/banappeals.php?appealid=2298
  13. You are literally god.
  14. Epic