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  1. Literally banned for no reason after playing for 3 hrs and having so much fun. Im really mad so please take this into consideration. I apologise if this is unnecessary but I'm getting no help at all from this situation. https://ls-sw.net/banappeals.php?appealid=2298
  2. You are literally god.
  3. Epic
  4. hi

  5. Ironically I just verified mine with no issue. Make sure ur typing the email and password for the forums correctly.
  6. -1
  7. Just leave it how it damn is lol.
  8. Also if anyone got a good texture pack send the link.
  9. Hello everyone. You probably don't know me since I only started playing about a month ago, but I'm Biscuits. I'm pretty active in chat and I only speak English. I would love to meet new friends on here since I really enjoy this server! I'm also pretty new to samp and am working on my skills (pros hmu if u wanna help a brother out). Thanks for reading, have a good day!
  10. I feel this is a good idea although it could be abused in gun fights unless you guys add a cooldown time (although it still can be abused). Plus everybody is going to be using it and its sometimes difficult killing the person on the roof (because they will most likely be camping the teleporter). -1 from me.