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  1. i know u're an old player here but still dunno if u can relate much time to track cheaters and if u can record ur game. Pending
  2. @DeadPooL I was specing him for a moment and there was default azteca skin,so he's clean. Just replaced txd files in gta3.img or w/e
  3. wow much mlg fragmovie. please don't make anymore
  4. <:

    DAmn dude,i'm glad for u for having a job but again feels bad to lose another great player who always helped me out and provided good and delicate job as an admin... Hope u'll get everything you need in life and when u have free time don't forget that u're always welcome here! ya boi ©FroG
  5. Can't trust you since u're too new to this server to join main clan. Maybe next time -1
  6. @Faqahat I'll pay u later i swear. BR(bureaucracy)4Life.
  7. Also thanks everyone for votes! I swear i didn't pay some of them.
  8. Hello. Since a lot of head admins and some general admins asked me to apply for an admin position I decided to do it. I thought i'd do it short but since u lazy savages don't read anything i prepared u an essay. Who tf ? A bit about me ig and irl: I'm FroG also known ig as [BR]TitAnuS currently.I like music a lot,also like to play it on different instruments.But who cares cmon?.. I joined this server back in 2k11 November with some roleplay nickname Gangsta_Pavel... By this u can recognize that my irl name is Gangsta... I played another servers b4 ls-sw which were mostly russian freeroam filled with hackers that's why i gave up on that. I'm from Belarus and my native language is russian but i speak english only on the server(Btw my english improved thanks to this community mostly cuz it gave me a good push to learn english since i liked the server and it's people so that after i joined a/d community i instantly started looking for an international clan to join. So that's how i joined ToX in 2013(the real one: https://www.youtube.com/user/ToXGamingTV) but that's another story...)So by now my english is on intermediate level i can say. I liked non-russian community and i guess this is why i never got to be clamed as a great cheater in this game. But i'm not saying that 100% of russians in this game cheat. Only 99.7% do... Mostly roleplayers. Anyways about roleplayers: I didn't choose this name cuz i was a roleplayer. I honestly didn't like roleplay since the start of my samp career and now i'd say my view on it is justified. But it's not like i'm "roleplay racist" or i'm never playing another server rather than ls-sw. Actually i don't anymore cuz i decided to leave a/d arround half a year ago for the reason which is explained in my BR app. And now ls-sw is the only server i have time for. Cuz back in 1974 when i was still young i remeber dangling with bois whole day on every server we'd find on the list and tryna gig out more cheeks for a night... Damn good old times... But if serious tho' LS-SW in my samp motherland which gives me a lot of memories and jealousy about the good years i spent here. That's why i can't just let u guys down when u need help in current case - getting mature and loyal admins in admin team.So now lets talk... Why do i want to join admin team ? I'll be completelly honest and serious here.I don't like current situation in server administrating. Don't get me wrong I like all current admins as pesonalities and players but for some unknown reason not every of them is doing their job properly. Cuz being an admin is a huge responsibility and there's no time for breaks since ls-sw is a huge community and players join and register nearly every minute and u have to keep the server clean from hackers to not lose whole player base. Cuz this is how it works: hacker comes,starts using troll hacks and killing people with all kinds of aimbot = other clean players leave or join the same team with that hacker and after that there's no point to play when there are 40 groves with hackers and 10 players from another teams. And that also happens when admins are online but they are at another location and don't pay attention on current reports or either they are afk. Which is in my opinion is wrong cuz admin as far as he becomes an admin takes a responsibility to not be a basic player but to always stay online and spectate suspected players. Cuz i understand that everyone has a wish to play and kill somebody but when i see that there's an admin online and i literally have to pm him to leave /arena after 3 reports i made on the same/different players...Is that a deal? Same goes to those who like to stay in game but in fact afk. If u're an admin as i already said there's no breaks for u. Cuz i'm pretty sure the frequency of reports is constantly high and u always have to be online to not miss the hacker. Cuz i seen that many times for this few months: I see the hacker>I report a hacker>admin goes afk>i die to hacker again>report the hacker>admin comes back and starts checking report>hacker does /q>admin closes the report and forgets about the suspected player>after some time admin leaves and that hacker joins when no admins online and starts doing himself hundreds of kills.And some admins even do so: they come ig >stay online for few mins>going afk for 15 mins> coming back for 2 mins to check latest reports>going afk again. Yes i undestand that those who got admin's contacts can pm him in discord or smth but that also doesn't guarantee he'll come immidiatelly. I understand that admins also are people and mostly mature enough to be busy with job or family but again: If u're an admin-come to do ur job at the time when u'll surelly be on wire all the time. If u join the server then to stay afk for most of the time cuz u're busy irl or smth- why did u join then?just /q and don't give players fake hope of having a chill and fun gameplay... Cuz that's exactly what makes people think bad about u.So i just let something out of what do i think about current server administrating(just a part of it). Don't think i'm saying this cuz of hate towards someone. NO! It's just mine constructive criticism and a hint for current admins on what to take look and improve. Thank me later... Still not saying that current admin staff is too bad cuz there are a lot of good performing and loyal admins like K4i$eR,mulija,Doritos,Bapsu,kSzo,oh wait...And it could have been worse tbh,but it also could have been better. So that's why i want to become an admin.I want to attempt to make whole admin system better if u let me and i wanna erase all those minuses i listed above and draw a pluses. And draw more new pluses. So why tf do I think I should get accepted?? Well starting of i'd like to mention that i'm an old player and ls-sw is my 2nd home at this point.And i wish all the best for my home and i'll do everything to keep it growing. Also i can easily recognize the cheater. If u watching my reports u might have noticed that at least 90% of them are correct. That's cuz i had to play a/d for 6 years and it gave me a lot of experience of busting cheaters in practical and mental ways. And i can mostly recognize those who are good and those who are good with cheats.Also i know russian and it gives me an advantage in seeing what do top cheaters of the samp universe are talking about.As i said i'd like to check current admin system and see how i can help improving it cuz it surelly has it's problems. Also i'm able to record in good quality and i'm pretty patient. U can see that by my ratio which is 3 times lower than my average killing spree...BTW My stats and warnings: https://imgur.com/a/nM98xfl My admin experience: I was an admin here before in 2013 as i remember? I was lvl 2 but not for long cuz i got kicked for admin abuse which was spawning a bike on duty or fixing a car? I don't remeber well but Marwan should cuz he was the one who recorded it. Back in a days he didn't like me for some reason. Also i was co-leader of K4L (my a/d clan) which meant i always had rcon to set levels of othe members on a/d server but the whole co-leading was giving me a lot of responsibility of my clan so i had to check each member individually on mental principles even whether to set his level or not(in case if they rage ban s/b). But i understand that responsibility here might be even higher. My daily activity: I can't say quite concrete but last month it was arround 2 hours per day average (different time tho). In january i'm going to be a little big more busy i guess due to some projects i have for this month but i'll try to keep coming every day at least for some time. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok i guess that's it for my app, i'd tell quite more but I already see that u're tired to read so just come vote positive and go sleep... jk. U can take time for ur decision and Happy New Year! Pls clap as if i said it 1 week ago ty. Also thanks for attention! Ur funni boi FroG. ©
  9. in ur ass
  10. well according to average skill of players that join ballas it's surelly higher than grove players most of the time but i don't like current ballas spawn at all, cuz the road to the nearest hq takes u much more time than u'd expect cuz the main road having too much turns (comparing vagos spawn with balla spawn: vagos spawn is placed in such way so that u take a car and drive straight down and then make 1 turn right) In ballas case u doing 4 turns tho the hq is actually more close but it takes more time and sometimes it's annoying. But i won't vote positive cuz old spawn was also close but as was said above it was easy to just go out and camp groves. So i'd vote to place ballas hq to the turf 22 or smth to make it more fair. Idk
  11. who fkin cares dude?.. pm me in discord when u start stream plspls
  12. It's not about ratio really, but to see ur real skills atm duel me ig. Pending.
  13. -1 . It's not a problem for me to slide out from even 10 cop cars but i've seen players who only hide in this game and they are usually good drivers and they can easily hide from me.Cuz timewin is always easy. I'd rather suggest to give cops silencers or smth cuz if they stop the criminal it's simply 1deagle vs 10 deagles what doesn't leave a chance to escape. But also for some reason every time i join copchase these days my game always crashes for some reason. So that's why FIX THE SERVER not only copchase!
  14. hmm i seen this somewhere b4. But i don't like it more than i like it. I'll explain: if every random fag can bet his credits to get u killed then it'll become abusive since one did bet on u ,then after chase they killed u and they liked it and then they order u again and u simply are not able to chill and play the game cuz u always running. It'll be more logical if mafia boss is ordering police boss and if they are both above 5Kscore for example or at least the one who's making order.Also will be more cool if only 3 people participate: 1.Player who does order 2.The one who got ordered 3.The exact killer. So that u do /setbounty [ID of player] [ID of killer] [Credits for killer]. Cuz homeless without score take kinifes and stab people in dark alleyway and Putin ask a special agent to do all the dirty job. So it will solve the first problem when a player gets ordered by everyone and 15 grooves and 5 fly hackers keep chasing u till SF just to kill 1 guy. It will make it more silent and local. But still some guy might just hate another player and invite his pro/hacker friend to kill another guy over and over again. And to not make it look like : Killer came to enemies spawn and started spawn killing meanwhile someone sets bounty on that deadman after every time he dies. So that killer gets free credits and player who's getting spawnkilled is not geting chance to play. So to make it fair "bounty" system should be as an event which admins can open (as they open /war for example) and player can only make 1 order on exact players id. Then he can also order anyone else but also 1 time per id. So that's how i'd like it to be so -1 atm.