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  1. fUKc @beard
  2. jAJ @beard
  3. jej @beard
  4. Jaj @beard
  5. 131
  6. thanks that was absolutelly disgusting
  7. bye

    Was also fun ,have a good one and don't waste ur time on useless shit now! Here's motivation for u to work harder on urself https://youtu.be/1RivejBMLts?t=135 AJajajAjJAjaa jk. gl fagit
  8. just cause u my bitch doesn't mean i'll give u +1 and since u're blazeit phagot and i see u're quite chill last time and also skilled one and being a good doge immigrant...ok +1 if u ask Trump to not nuke Russia also make some more ucp reports so that we see that it's not weed that does make u see players fly.
  9. tho i know u pretty gay i'll vote pending for now.
  10. Also ur reports ig are mostly reliable but still need to take some time to know ur perspectives better so that's why Pending.
  11. Tho i know u're quite some time here i don't think that u know much about cheaters since i've seen a lot of unconfirmed reports from u ig. Also as Starvla said u're going disrespectful towards other players sometimes. That's why -1 from me.
  12. k ur skilled enough +1
  13. well i'm fine with what we have now but this suggestion will make u indentify whoever u hit more quick so yeah why not. +1
  14. Pending...
  15. Well u had a good duel result but i won't vote positive (yet). Don't get me wrong but i think we need some more time to know u better and understand ur perspectives for the clan. Also that's a good time to improve your aiming since i noticed that u mostly randomly fasting and i don't find that playstyle usefull in case of aiming. Take this as constructive criticism but for now -1 from me .