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  1. @exterminator11 You probably did not cheat, but you use a proxy/vpn. (according to frog). Maybe you didn't know that it is not allowed? I hope for ya you get a second chance. G'luck
  2. Again banned by [UC]Starvla
  3. You are banned from the server, but we waiting for the results of your ban appeal.
  4. Since i know u a lot, we have a good relationship. And i trust you more since i seen this > Click here < You got my support. +1 Do not disappoint me.
  5. -1
  6. Tell me where are the admins? In Tokyo? bruhh, i'm the most active player in the server a.t.m.. I see never a admin, maybe 1 or 2 in 30 minutes and then they go.. Votekickers is a nice idea. (Everytime i'm online, i see you react in chat to the hackers, and where are admins?) There are many admins, but they are not really active.. ^^ +1
  7. Still alive ;D @Dany @James_. @Aeon @Starvla and the rest <3
  8. Just wait bro, admins will help you. ;'D
  9. Do not disappoint me bro. +1
  10. You know you have mine bro. (Try to improve your score, that's all.) +1
  11. Hi dear @Kanade @Faqahat I know this is a c-bug server, and i use it as well, BUT: Since I have been playing this server, I hear from a lot of people who do not use a c-bug that they find it very unfortunate. For example, they can not c-bug because of a bad PC or something else. My idea is for people who do not use c-bug: Create a kind second /arena but then for people who do not use a c-bug. So that they also have fun. I know enough people who insist, to fight against the c-buggers. But to give these people something, I suggest that we make anArena for them with anti c-bug. C-bug will always be in the server, but the people who do not control c-bug are also entitled to fun, there for a second / arena for no c-buggers / (I have a heart for the people who are full without c-bug.)
  12. ban