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  1. Someone tell me how to use that skin without join BR or VIP?
  2. <:

    Good bye bro wish you luck in everything and I will miss you
  3. Can you screenshot it?
  4. There is sniper only arena here . You can use /sniper to join, but you must make sure if Admin already opened that event, you can check with /events
  5. Its difference thing about the camping, camping mean he stay at the spawn place but not the roof, you just stay in Aztecas for a while, I join Aztecas all the time for about a month before , Aztecas just simply drive armoured and go turf/killing, also who will stay at roof all the time? We can't snipe enemy too
  6. As I watched so far, only some player go to roof, example : 20 players in Aztecas, only 2 or 3 players will go to roof, and sometime no players will go to roof so maybe it's useless if we added it -1
  7. Welcome to LSSW
  8. <3
  9. We Reach the Mountain Again for the Second times https://imgur.com/RbemX6f https://imgur.com/0BvpniT
  10. V A G O S I S O W N T H E S T R E E T
  11. Find the Mountain's Location first
  12. Happy New year too
  13. -1 This seem an event that used by Admins, if for normal player they could abuse it for get credits also it will unfair for some player. Example I put 50 credits on a player named "boy" but boy didn't want it and me still put it then boy will feel unfair cause all players is chasing boy , think about it : 1 player (new or isn't too pro) VS 5 players or less.
  14. Lol its so nice , how long you edit it?
  15. I didn't have anything to say except good bye my friend I will miss you and wish you luck in future