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  1. NICE and GG. Can you teach me plssss
  2. Starvla#9326
  3. Hello, Please make a ban appeal in Dashboard / UCP. Link : https://ls-sw.net/dashboard.php If you has any issues about that, you can write it here, or you can PM me at Discord if you don't know how to make a ban appeal.
  4. R.I.P.
  5. Training you know? After I watched your video i can conclude that you're using RAPID FIRE Double hit*
  7. Nice bro, keep it up ^ _ ^ Non C-bug is also can be the king of street.
  8. I waiting for that time lmao, curious if you will like Viking or just ...
  9. Keep your skills up
  10. For me that ding sound is useful, imagine this With Ding Sound : When you get shooted by someone, ding sound appear and we know that someone shoot you. Without Ding Sound : When the people shoot you, nothing appear (simply nothing notice you) and you just stand there and didn't panic cause we didn't know that someone shooted you, and in the end you got killed. Also , with that sound, we can know if we shooted someone while using Sniper (Long Distance) Just opinion.
  11. WTF that skills, so awesome , no one can beat you. R.I.P @Rockit
  12. Before make an application, make sure you already read this and meet / agreeing these requirement. HOW TO MAKE AN UC APPLICATION Step 1. Go to [UC] Application Format and copy the Apply Format. Step 2. Go back to Application page and click Start new topic. Step 3. Write "Apply > (your name) [UC]" Title. example : Step 4. Paste the Apply Format that you copied before in REQUIRED. Step 5. Click Remove formatting there. Step 6. You can fill your application now. Step 7. After your application is filled. and you want to get the Reply Notifications, you can click notify me of replies. If not just ignore it. Step 8. If you think everything is done, You can click Submit Topic to create the Application. Step 9. Now all you can do is waiting for your apply (Accepted or Denied) and Playing IG. If you didn't understand one (or more) of these point, You can PM Starvla or Habib for it. - Developed by Starvla - Updated by Habib
  13. bye

    Good bye bro. Nice to meet you in this SV. Who are you?
  14. You can post your opinion here about the video for free, but are you going to fight with Godzilla? Seem interest
  15. 4 threads lol, I think you should check your eyes and imagination just like what Souken said. Joke xD Thanksss bro you're my Angel (seem you're not girl) Barney or Blacky you can close this now.