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Glen Park Bloods
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  1. Lmaoo
  2. Also good luck dude^^
  3. How do u have skin 230..?
  4. +1, good luck.
  5. <:

    This is really a bad news, we lose another great player/administrator I really will miss u bro ,but let me wish the best regards in ur life, hope see u one more time. #weedtime4ever
  6. Good.
  7. I never seen u ig, also fix a bit ur application. Pending for now..
  8. Nice dude.
  9. hi

    Nice frags dude. ^^
  10. Bro, try to been more active sorry but is -1.
  11. Hey! I`ve played with u many times and u are gentle and mature, also u are skilled enought. So u have my +1, dont dissapoint me and good luck^^
  12. Welcome, I hope see u ig soon.
  13. -1.
  14. Quizas el problema sea por algun cleo mod, por que no intentas descargar un anti-crash?
  15. Suerte en todo lo que hagas, fue agradable conocerte y jugar en ciertas veces contigo. Espero algún día vuelvas^^