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  1. <:

    I never like you
  2. hi

  3. -1
  4. unnistall crashes ia a bug
  5. always the same shit sound
  6. wrong nick xD
  7. Yeah its a joke relax
  8. Your appeal is pending pls wait <3
  9. you guys are dumbasses really anyone is understanding really bye im leaving admin
  10. During this month several player with has been banned with sampcac and getting unbanned but since the server does not have the sampcac plugin these players could use macros, aimbot, fast walk ... So when talking to some members of the administration I decided to make this suggestion with the purpose of helping the server and helping the admins since it has had many players cheating with SAMPCAC and getting unbanned. To play on the server the players will not be forced to use sampcac, whoever wants to use sampcac will be able to use but if they try to use cheats they will get banned and those more suspicious players can take a sampcac ban as in Glow DM and Hard DM. Faqahat install this shit!!!!
  11. +1 donĀ“t disapoint me.
  12. shots fired call 911
  13. how you know