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  1. Jajajajajajaja. the strange thing is that you gentleman as well as Doublehit himself :$
  2. I come to show my doublehit Since some said I have rapidfire, I think this video Clarifies everything. Thanks and regards ______________________________________________ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRu2GDsJbT4 _________________________________________
  3. NICE!
  4. @Vikingo Rock II, Tal como me dijiste.
  5. Small duels between the Viking companion, Greetings! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDAbco2HNnQ&t=309s PD: I thought about it but Viking said to upload it
  6. Bro clean my Warn plz! "https://imgur.com/a/pkXy3pC" First Warn is Bug "Parachute" 2nd Warn is itddx the hacker :/

  7. Te has perdido de mucho wn!! Que te pasa que no te ves en el sv!! Se te extraña!! Starvla no deja de gritar "Cikeeee" y se vuelve loco, ahora toma anti depresivos. "imaginate"
  8. Ahhh sorry, nose how to get that circle haha and discover how to get that circle, only sale when I click ... I still do not know how to get it out xd
  9. It is for this reason. Click on what brand is in the center of the screen It is my guide to know where the true look is. What is in this position: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ont7y5aDLok
  10. This is my first Fragmovie, Greetings to all and good luck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HltRw1rW_HY&t=316s
  11. Here: https://ls-sw.net/banappeal.php
  12. _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______
  13. Hermoso tiempo! <3 Nada mejor que Ver un Vagos con otros Vagos compartiendo Beautiful time! <3 Nothing better to see in Vagos with other Vagos sharing
  14. Ese momento quedara en este 2018 y sera recordado por muchos años mas PD: Que guapo el [Training] Estoy que me lo cogo ._.

    Friend, I can erase this account ... I explain, Last night I asked for my name change and now that I entered the server I noticed that it was not registered and then I changed the name and then I remembered that I had already requested the name change and I they accepted ... everything happened because they accepted the change of name, sorry it was my fault