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  1. -You are not active on the server -But you have good Spree -But the activity I think is a good point for the Clan to be noticed -I will give you (-1) just because I have not seen you in a good time. (In addition to being recently unbanked ... which will make bad comments about the clan.)
  2. Here: https://ls-sw.net/banappeal.php
  3. _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______ _____VAGOS 4 LIFE ______
  4. Hermoso tiempo! <3 Nada mejor que Ver un Vagos con otros Vagos compartiendo Beautiful time! <3 Nothing better to see in Vagos with other Vagos sharing
  5. Ese momento quedara en este 2018 y sera recordado por muchos años mas PD: Que guapo el [Training] Estoy que me lo cogo ._.

    Friend, I can erase this account ... I explain, Last night I asked for my name change and now that I entered the server I noticed that it was not registered and then I changed the name and then I remembered that I had already requested the name change and I they accepted ... everything happened because they accepted the change of name, sorry it was my fault

  7. +1 bro... Nice!