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  1. Seeeeee 420 Thanks
  2. https://youtu.be/rnnscVOgyXc
  3. bye

  4. Lowkey y'all can close this I can already tell y'all don't like me, plus y'all dragging. Peons
  5. Maybe maybe
  6. https://youtu.be/xE9aqTblpRQ Enjoy!
  7. Lmao we have only talked like 3 times since I joined LSSW and out of those 3 times 2 of them were on discord...you don't even know me to not trust me and I do leave after 30 mins but that's because I join with alternative accounts because with my Space one everyone sends me messages to not kill them just because there friends with a BR or GPB I like a challenge not to just kill noobs in grove. And those insults well let's just say even your own clanmate agreed with me...and one of my report were 4 In 1 I know doesn't make a difference but just wanted to say that Can't judge someone if you don't know them thanks anyway for your vote
  8. in what way do you not trust me? Behavior like the few times we encountered each other on discord? or just being in admin? (just wondering)
  9. Hello There! Irl Name - Adrian Diaz / InGame Name - [BR]Space Age - 19 City,State,Country- Chicago IL USA Native Langauge - Spansih Other Langauge - English Why Should I Be Accepted/Who iam? Well I can help the admin team by being there when theres none I play during the middle of the nights which is around the time I see Starvla playing, Im somewhat good at finding out if a player is cheating. im no expert ethier so I can make mistakes. Im Somewhat "respectful", I can be toxic at times by choice or I sometimes im just blasted out my mind but I can change my behavior if I want and if I need too. few reasons why im applying the main one being is to get rid of cheaters who have been bringing down the Player Count of the Server and since this is one of the main servers I play on I though I would try to help it? im very active I don't really have anything to do during the day besides me working but my time at work fluctuates I work 4 days out of the week. i have been playing SAMP since 2011 but i quit in 2014 just to comeback in late 2016 i did play LSSW back in the day too but i don't know which nicks i used so yeah but when i cameback i joined LSSW in early 2017 i think maybe. (420 blazze iT boizz) My Activity ingame- My Time zone is (CST) I play during the day and morning and middle of the night I play when I can my activity can vary 3-8 hours My Knowledge on Cheats? im no expert on cheats but i know the most obvious ones being (TP,AHK,Aimbot,B2) the list can go on but yeah i really dont know what else to write besides me knowing certain cheats but im still learning new cheats everyday (not joking). My Stats and WarningS - https://imgur.com/a/ReVRDCa https://imgur.com/a/PmhMvgU Yes the Application is Short but i have nothing else to add to it im not a big fan on writing big paragraphs and shit but yeah sorry about that
  10. Pending
  11. +1 Goodluck
  12. -1 don't spam me next time about your application and next time be patient Frog already explained what you need to work on
  13. Pending.
  14. +1