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  1. @Habib
  2. Well, i never saw u IG, and you are new too, so I'll vote: Pending for now.
  3. Fck yeah, im waiting that moment
  4. Awesome Haboob, gl with ur clan and welcome to LSSW, enjoy!
  5. <:

  6. Joder, siempre me caiste bien con tus locuras de ArgentinoGamerYT y el otro Batman_NG, siempre me hacían reír por el chat principal, te extrañaré :'D
  7. Noo, i'm sad I wasn't there ; (
  8. Yo, tu dios Kkteca @DeadPooL
  9. Gg.
  10. Its just an advice, with other account and your killing spree can improve ur ratio.