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  1. 0.8 k/d playa bro
  2. bye

    Mamon blyat U2 m8 Dont
  3. bye

    Pls no xd Lmaoo mum gey Stooped
  4. bye

    As some may have noticed Ive joined not more than 2-3 times for the last month and a half.That's mainly because I've grown over games and nomore have desire to play on the pc.Hope all of you one day feel the same and stop wasting time because that's the only thing one can't take away from us. Wanted to say -sorry to all the people I've offended and for acting like a dick almost all the time (well, if I said it=- I meant it ) -thank you to all those I had great fun playing along. Had most of my moments of laughter with space, d0c, haze, netoww, yeahman frog thypoooon and many other Love yall, Bai
  5. Read the title, use your imagination
  6. Kek
  7. Because you cant
  8. 1v1 me bichxt
  9. hi im sad
  10. ^ But then we'll cry cz theres nobody to kill )
  11. by multiple times you mean 3-4 times a day for the last 60 days?
  12. <:

  13. Tbh I share this same view and yet it's fun killing loaded trucks so maybe it can be disabled for clan members and still leave it for the newbs. Upvote this comment if you like the idea? D: Lol can someone delete the posts above smh my phone and brain lagged D: