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  1. camlock op
  2. <:

    Good luck in life.. and cya man
  3. Thx bratle
  4. Thx
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1pME5NfVgQ&feature=youtu.be
  6. hi

    kzso and I assumed he's hacking so if you want proofs pm me and lets get him banned
  7. hi

    Send dgl
  8. yeah me too I think he's cheating, Idk why they haven't banned him yet
  9. there is one but it's not what you'd imagine, everyone is camping as you spawn on a building
  10. n00b oke waiting for Faq or Joker
  11. I noticed I have only 1500 credits and I remembered having more than 5K so I checked my videos and tried to see when they vanished. https://youtu.be/QvROe8y6mVQ So on 10/01 I had 6500 C and a minute later I have only 1500 as you can see in the video.( I had some weird lag so that might be it) The only thing you can do to make 5K C vanish for a minute is buy a boombox but as you can see at the end of the video I haven't bought it as I already had it and was using it on 07/01 Hope you can give my credits back @Faqahat @Joker @Blacky
  12. Fps lags?
  13. you can easily hide from the policemen tho and ye they should prolly add stairs for that base as well.
  14. yes and this all will lead to aztecas forever staying in their base and camping those trying to kill them. -1