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  1. Welcome to LS-SW, GL and congratz.
  2. Thanks dude :3 Votes?
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  5. Thanks for ur vote Dogi <3 Thank u dude ^^ Thank u Mulija c:
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  7. Mention your current nick in the game: James_. Mention your AKA (alternative accounts) if you have any on the server: I have no more. Publish the screenshots of your statistics in the game (use / statistics command) + your (complete) profile page of the User Control Panel (UCP): https://imgur.com/a/4y8aU7K Mention your country: El Salvador. Mention your gender: Male Mention your age: 17 Mention your native language: Spanish In addition to the native language, do you understand / speak other language (s) as well? If so, mention here all: basic English and Nahuat (indigenous language of my country) Mention your daily activity (game time per day) on the server: 2 - 4 hours Do you use C-Bug? Yes. Rate yourself (from a scale of 0 to 10) in the following: 7/10 C-Bug (if your answer is yes previous): 7/10 Deagle: 7/10 Shotgun: 6/10 Combat Shotgun: 7/10 M4 / AK-47: 9/10 SMG: 5/10 Sniper: 7/10 Mention only one weapon in which you are really good (you will receive a rank / role with respect to that weapon if you are accepted into our clan): Currently with the M4. What is your best or longest spree (death streak) on the server (if available, publish a screenshot of that)? 229 kills, here the test https://imgur.com/a/ONu72t8 Rate your English skills (from a scale of 0 to 10) in the following: 5/10 Speaking 5/10 Reading 5/10 Writing: 3/10 Mention the GPB's full form: Gleen Park Blood's Mention the GPB's color: Salmon. Mention the total number of current members of the GPB (including leaders, elders, normal members, but excluding trial members): 38. Mention of the members the total number of the current leaders of the GPB (including the co-leaders, underboss): 3. Mention the nick in the leader's GPB game: [GPB]Barney[nL] Mention of the nick in the game from at least some of the five GPB members he is familiar with: [GPB]Emmett, [GPB]Brook, [GPB]Bapsu, [GPB]Mulija, [GPB]Blacky Explain in a few words about the following ranks of the clan: 1. Duel Tester: He's in charge of performing the duels to the aspirants. 2. Recruiter: He's in charge of recruiting members for the clan, to see skills among other things. 3. Getaway Driver: He's in charge of managing the armored on the turf. 4. Deagler: He's the expert in combat with the Deagle. • Do you fully understand and accept all the rules of the Server, the Forums and the clan? Yes. • If a member of the clan (GPB) wants to have a duel with you in the game, you must accept it. Do you agree? Yes. • Apart from the duel with a member of the clan (GPB), you must (officially) a duel with one of the Duel Testers, either [GPB] Beard or [GPB] Rockit to be accepted into the clan. Do you agree? Yes. • If you are caught violating any of the rules of the Server, the Forums or the clan during or even after the trial period, you may be expelled from the clan (with or without notice). Do you agree? Yes. • You must remain active on the server periodically. Being inactive for a long time without notice (more than 2 weeks) can result in a direct kick from the clan. Do you agree? Yes. • You must give your vote / opinion on each GPB clan request in the forums or, otherwise, you will receive a clan warning / kick. Do you agree? Yes. • Must have a clean history on the server (ie, no valid / fair prohibitions, strict / system warnings, strict actions taken against you, violation of any type of server or forum rule, etc.) to be accepted in the clan. Do you agree? Yes. Have you ever been banned before here? If so, explain it here (if the ban was fair or not, the reason, the responsible Admin nick, when it happened, and the link to the ban resource or your appeal ID): I had a recent ban on "Silent / Aim?" but I don't use any of those programs, my internet is always failing, but I'll fix it soon. I didn't find the identification of my appeal If you are accepted into the clan, which one would you like your name to be (with the clan label, GPB)? [GPB] Death_Row Do you have any contact information (Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, etc.)? If so, mention one here (or if you want to keep it private, let us know and we'll ask you in a PM): Discord, ^^ Unicornios uwu # 3338 Why do you want to join our clan Or why should we accept you in the clan? Explain it in a few sentences. I would like to join because I am currently passing along with some clan members and I feel comfortable with them from my side, also GPB has grown a lot, I think it is the clan with the most members. Anything else you want to share with us ?: I am a 17 year old boy, my temperament is bipolar but I do not show it in the game with aggressive words, I simply look for who killed me to kill him again, but apart from that I am a calm person He does not look for anything else to play like the others.
  8. My unofficial clan [CE] already joined to an official clan [ATR], so i'm going to be with them. The reason why i applied here it's because initiative of union of both clans arose after my application. Just that. Sorry for the annoyance.
  9. Cancel my app, sorry for wasting ur time and have a nice day.
  10. Thanks for ur coment bro. Thank u buddy <3
  11. Thank u dude
  12. Thanks dude, i gonna improve it. <3
  13. I not have any video about my skills because my pc is low in recurses, when I use fraps the whole screen is frezzing. If you want to know why I was banned for VIP fraud, you could contact me via Discord. Yes my ratio is low, because I started as a noob, and it is difficult to raise it when you have a high score. GMT-6. Thanks for your vote dude. Sure, How to compete against you? It is a sure death. Thanks for your vote. Thanks for your coment dude. Thanks for your coment
  14. Thank u Dario <3 Thanks bro ^^, but only BR member's can post here.
  15. [BR]Santiago[CE]