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  1. Very new to apply, but meet me in the game, pending at the moment.
  2. Pending right now.
  3. Good to see that a respectful player with you is bringing something new to our server, RIP ATR !!!!! but as usual the BR will have to go up there to welcome. GL!
  4. <:

  5. You were denied in GPB less than 1 week ago, why do you want to join BR now? and why did not he apply us first? I think you just want to be part of some clan, so I'm sorry. -1
  6. <:

    Are you going to work in my city or in another state of Brazil? Good luck bro
  7. hi

    Traitor!!!! u kill kzso
  8. welcome back!
  9. Welcome mate, gl.
  10. nah -1
  11. Problem solved, this can be closed.
  12. Have you tried joining again?