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  1. keep it up!
  2. Pending.
  3. pending.
  4. Pending, waiting for some reports from you at the UCP.
  5. I think you do not have enough knowledge about hackers at the moment, work on that who knows in the future, -1 at the moment.
  6. -1
  7. +1, lucky !
  8. Pending.
  9. estou mimindo
  10. I like this suggestion, but it does not fit the profile of our server, we are gang war and no RPG server ... So -1
  11. falae prozao deus do mundo? melhor player SAMP 2019 KKKK, Hilário..
  12. https://streamable.com/urugq
  13. rip Space!
  14. your skills are still not the best, but I think you can improve with us. +1
  15. Well I can not do duels at the moment because I'm having problems with my PC, so I'll trust the opnions of my clanmates, +1. do not disappoint me!