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  1. Removed your Speed / Fly Hacks warns. Solved.
  2. Go play and stay clean this time cause it's your last chance. Unbanned.
  3. Why you can't make ban appeal?
  4. Already someone gave same suggestion some years ago but idk what happened. But yeah a second arena for noncbuggers will be good why not. +1
  5. warning bugs

    Please tell us your ig name.
  6. If anyone is really interested on helping us on that, he can always apply for admin status. -1
  7. Find me ig.
  8. Welcome.
  9. Well an admin told me to ban you so Unbanned.
  10. I can see you evaded your main ban with the account called '' Mon_Go '' but anyway , go make a ban appeal and we will talk there.
  11. Dream came true huh Congratulations and good luck!
  12. You are a good guy and I believe you will be more active than you are right now. Or we maybe have different timezones. It's a +1 from me. Btw can you tell me what's your timezone?
  13. <:

    Aw man , you've already warned me that you will leave someday but I'd never thought you will leave now. I'm not gonna say anything since you already know my feeling for you. Wish you good luck with your life and ofc we will keep in touch. Damn another oldie gone..
  14. I'd never seen you ig. Even players with different timezone that me haven't seen you.
  15. Are you even playing?