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  1. Solved & Moved.
  2. Pm me if you still have that problem on discord. Legendary#0338. Closed.
  3. I'm gonna give you a chance . Don't disappoint me. +1
  4. If you want any help pm me here or at discord. Legendary #0338 . Prefer discord. Locked.
  5. We've talked at discord. Closed.
  6. Closed.
  7. baned

    If you have any trouble about making ban appeal. Pm me or Joker.
  8. Yeah don't even try to make ban appeal. You are permanently banned.
  9. Thanks!
  10. Server is under maintenance . Be patient please will be back as soon as possible.
  11. Song name?
  12. I'm not trusting you in many ways. First of all your behaviour makes me sick also I've just see 1-2 reports from you nothing else. You joining the server for less than 30min and then leaving . Even if you start being active and fix your behaviour, all this will be just temporary and not permament. Also you were accussing admin team of not doing their work and insulting us , how are we suppose to support you after that?
  13. -1 don't trust you
  14. Look like your ip got caught on a range ban. Only @Joker or @Faqahat can help you with that. You must wait for them.
  15. glow dm

    Liked just for edit skills