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  1. Good Guy . others have been given the opportunity to improve within us .. because to you not +1 luck bro
  2. in my opinions is the -1
  3. as not +1. GL
  4. Nice bro ...
  5. -1
  6. wait for him to see it @Bromista @Faqahat
  7. to me too
  8. I think the same . Pending
  9. you are skillful and you are a mature boy.I played with you and I'm sure you would fit into the clan. Gl +1
  10. PENDING for now
  11. good luck Habib
  12. <:

    Gl bro
  13. hi

    Jajaja pinche mamon d MRDA.
  14. good video keep it up.
  15. hi

    Noobs Buena mamon ..