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  1. All nice but skin changer is not allowed on our server.. Remove that mod.
  2. Typical evader..
  3. You are an old trusted player here too, I need to check your activity with offline reports in UCP to make my decision. Also you can improve your apply.. Pending for now.
  4. <:

    Good luck in this new stage of your life.. I think you have done a great job as an administrator and as a member of GPB, you helped me from my beginnings as administrator and you were the one who accepted my GPB request^^. Thank you very much for all the time You have dedicated to the community, this will not be the same without you. #weedTimeForEver [GPB]EmmetT aka Emijo91
  5. Pending.
  6. -1
  7. Pending.
  8. hi

    Demaciado aimbot.. jajajajajaajaa pero igual buen video ^^
  9. Nahh -1
  10. I have never seen a report of yours on the UCP..
  11. -1
  12. Welcome.. /RULES and enjoy^^
  13. +1 obviously...
  14. Adios ^^