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  1. You did. You just copied the questions in the topic without trying to make an own application.
  2. Click here Denied We dont need toxic players in our clan. Also if you would have truely desired to join BR you would have applied for BR first, and not after getting denied from GPB.
  3. Poor app, mostly copy paste -1
  4. Why not applied BR first? You only applied here because you got denied in GPB.
  5. <:

    You have been a great admin all this years, and also a good friend. Thank you for serving this server and I hope you'll be able to continue it after you are done moving.
  6. Accepted Congratulations, you have been accepted as a Level 3 General Administrator. Welcome back to the team.
  7. The UCP password is the exact same password that you are using ingame.
  8. I want to give you a chance. Welcome to the family. Your trial period will end on 06/02/19.
  9. I think you don't fit in BR atm. Denied
  10. +1 wanna give you a chance
  11. I killed y'all
  12. I miss the old spawn too. It surely is more suitable according to the history in GTA SA singeplayer. But it has a reason that the ballas spawn is there where it is now. Ballas spawn was in idlewood, which is closer to the Aztecas headquarters and also closer to the police headquarters. Grove, Ballas, Aztecas and Police always have been the most popular gangs in LSSW, so the most player tend to choose one of those gangs. The fact that those gangs were all pretty nearby to eachother made the fighting taking place in just one tiny place, the old ballas spawn. Now the grove street is the biggest fighting place, but aztecas and police tend to fight eachother more than before, because the ballas spawn has moved. In the same time that means that LSSW changed from a tiny fighting place into really to that what it name says "Los Santos Street Wars" and not "Idlewood Wars". A -1 from me
  13. It's lit, welcome to BR
  14. Good old times when Ballas base was in Idlewood hahah, welcome back dude