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  1. I will end this discussion here as it isn't going to anywhere. Make a ban appeal on UCP and don't create such thread again. (I'm typing from phone, sorry) Locked.
  2. If that still doesn't work then I don't really know what can be the issue. Please wait for @Joker or @Faqahat , maybe they will help you.
  3. I can't reset your password nor help you with it, so you will have to wait for Server Manager or Owner, maybe they will help you with it.
  4. I don't see a screenshot of the issue with making ban appeal. So, go to our UCP (https://ls-sw.net/dashboard.php) and make a ban appeal. You have to login with your In-Game name and password. If you have any problems with it then post a reply here with screenshot of the issue.
  5. I can't send you a private message.
    Please contact me.
  6. Sad My name isn't there. Welcome back @GabrielLvD and see you In-Game!
  7. Can you show a screenshot of the issue?
  8. Your warnings caused by the hacker has been removed but I can't remove these from 2017. They are old and also there is no proofs of them being invalid, so you will have to keep them. Support has been closed.
  9. Suggestion Denied.
  10. @exterminator11 You are unbanned. Support has been closed.
  11. Can you show a screenshot of the issue on UCP?
  12. This isn't even your application. All u did was copy/paste from this application. Denied.
  13. Sometimes it's better to post it by myself than quote all the time but we shouldn't go off-topic. xD
  14. Gud to know, that vagos are still alive.