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  1. Ameising
  2. Proofs are so clear Feel free to apply again the next century. Application denied.
  3. Try reapplying once you learn some about what respect is and how important it is Application Denied
  4. Why have you made 4 threads?
  5. SAMPCAC is an anti-cheat, it doesn't allow you to use any kind of cheats.
  6. If they want to get some "benefits", then they are all free to apply to any of the current official clans. And if we would want to get more active players only by giving them benefits, then we should give them all VIP memberships for free. Also ATR's HQ was replaced for the UC's, so it's not possible to bring it back. At least not at the same location as before. -1.
  7. I think same as Joker. Also it was kinda immature to start killing us after getting kicked from the clan, as we didn't do anything to you, -1.
  8. You have made many reports on UCP, but yet you aren't not that experienced regarding hackers. Frankly, i don't think you're ready for this position yet. -1, good luck.
  9. Post a screenshot of the issue.
  10. Make your own support thread if you want to get help.
  11. No one cares about you.
  12. If you can access the email you used to register your in-game account, you can recover your password with this link: ls-sw.net/recover.php In case you can't access the email, you will have to wait for Faqahat or Joker to change it and then recover your password.
  13. It must be so funny to take over turfs when there aren't no enemies, right?
  14. You aren't allowed to make new threads to argue about your ban. If you want to discuss about it, contact @Barney.
  15. why two threads? xD