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  1. Someone ban him from the forums too.
  2. -1
  3. <:

    Damm bro, another great friend/admin leaving the community, this is so sad. But if it's the best for your life, i wish you the best luck on it. I can say that you improved a lot as admin since you joined this community and you became a really great admin that helped us a lot and contributed so much in the community. It was good to meet you and hope you could come back in the future. Peace!
  4. Nice excuse to get more credits hm :thinking:
  5. Contact me on Discord Skail37#3541
  6. Was it the first time you joined the server?
  7. Hey There. You must make a ban appeal. Read the following thread to learn how to do so: https://ls-sw.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3871-how-to-make-a-ban-appeal/
  8. We need some more experienced admins and you seem to be one, so +1.
  9. Joder, que gran historia :'(
  10. Si tienen Discord, usen este link para entrar al Discord del servidor https://discord.gg/sP4mwSY
  11. Porque es horrible hablar por acá. Mejor hablen por el chat español de Discord que agregamos hace poco.
  12. It seems like you improved your App a bit, +1.
  13. You didn't improve your skills since your last application, also you didn't put any effort in this one either. -1
  14. Pending
  15. https://imgur.com/a/Xvi3s7Y pics from today taking over some turfs B|