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  1. +1 gl
  2. +1 Just be more serious.
  3. +1111111111111111111111111111111
  4. Jong you have been kicked from BR clan due your inactivity so Only BR members are allowed to post here,thanks. As for thypon he is a friendly,mature player +1 from me good luck.
  5. Nah, spass is good for me -1
  6. Pending.
  7. Pending.
  9. GODFATHER [BR]Faqahat BOSS [BR]Joker[nL] UNDERBOSS [BR]Descontrol CAPOS [BR]Saints [BR]k8[nL] [BR]D0c[nL] [BR]Trunks[nL] [BR]Briana14 [BR]Wes [BR]DamageDz [BR]Pranesh [BR]D0ritoS [BR]Thypon [BR]Dario[nL] SOLDIERS [BR]Bora_ [BR]AquaL [BR]kzSo [BR]lauraaky_ [BR]netowww [BR]Space [BR]Gallo_FTD [BR]TitAnuS [BR]GuNMan [BR]Ale_. [BR]Yeahman [BR]Dany [BR]Presawn [BR]Lexico [BR]beruu [BR]Rifl3zZ [BR]6ix9ine[CE] ASSOCIATES
  10. I know a alot of admins here who abused their powers really bad and they got second chances. so you got my support and vote +1 **Edit** Why would you block the spawn ? Changed to -1
  11. -1 Inactivty.
  12. +1 this dude been waiting for 2 months