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  1. The Password Recovery is Seems to be working fine at my end, can you be specific what the problem is?
  2. <:

    Good Luck, it was Great having you here, thanks for serving us and being a part of our community. ((: You are always welcomed back
  3. Oh ok if u say so
  4. who d fk r u
  5. Hello, Your Name is fixed now please Check " AwesomeDude[CE]"
  6. Hello, PM me your correct email address.
  7. On request of a few members, I have extended the End Date to 30/11/18 The Offer will End on 30/11/18 ( 11:59 pm)
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  9. Hello, We block users from making multiple appeals. When their appeals are rejected.
  10. Hello, your Donations have automatically been processed. If you have any trouble with your VIP or donations, please contact us via Contact Page
  11. Hello, Thanks for applying. for now we are putting your app in Pending Status. you will hear from us soon. Keep up the activity.
  12. No(t yet)
  13. Technically its hard to achieve that.