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  1. Today
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    Wish you success in life my friend.
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    Sorry to hear you going, i wish all best for you bro. I hope to meet you again oneday here.. GPB will miss one of it's best members Best wishes for you bro.
  4. Oh my God, sorry about that. i have not noticed that part that questions must not be copied. Updated, sorry friends : )
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    Shit.. K41s3r , Good Luck Mate Really !!!
  6. Pending.
  7. Improve your apply SpiderMan , Pending.
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    Gl bro
  9. Yesterday
  10. You did. You just copied the questions in the topic without trying to make an own application.
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    history has happend now. our BROTHER going away, i will miss u a lot pal and i will keep send u pics of me with a joint, I hope you will come sometimes to visit. stay safe bruno, i love u <3
  13. Pending for now, looking forward to seeing you ingame : )
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    Aw man , you've already warned me that you will leave someday but I'd never thought you will leave now. I'm not gonna say anything since you already know my feeling for you. Wish you good luck with your life and ofc we will keep in touch. Damn another oldie gone..
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    I never like you
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    I've always seen you as a friend and a guy who do enjoy the game, at first, and all the good times we've had together... Then, as one of the special admins here. Let's not mention all the plus things you've made for the server like everyone else who thinks the better for lssw. I am glad that you got a job again! Take care kaisor and come back if you feel like again.
  17. Click here Denied We dont need toxic players in our clan. Also if you would have truely desired to join BR you would have applied for BR first, and not after getting denied from GPB.
  18. thanks for the votes guys!
  19. I didn't copy/paste I will update it today Thanks for votes _________________________________________________________ Application has been edited. Thank you
  20. they told me gpb is good for you and i apply and i denied because i had exams so i was inactive u can gimme a chance
  21. Why no one gimme a chance?
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    Good bye bro wish you luck in everything and I will miss you
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    I did't know you enough but the little I know you. You was a Cool guy with many users, hopefully you fulfill your goals, see you soon bro.
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    Bad news really, good luck bro!
  25. Pending at the moment.
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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww It's sad to see a great friend/admin leaving the community but if it's for your life , I wish you best of luck on it. It was good to meet you and I hope you could come back to us in the future. #weedtime4ever
  27. Last week
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    Another good one bites the dust.
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